How to Create a New Offer?

The offer creation page is where you create new offers for buying or selling Bitcoin. You can find it in the main menu, under "Create Offer".

Each offer has many options and allows you to customize it in many different ways. You can find all your previously created offers on your dashboard. Dashboard is where you will be redirected to, after logging in. In your dashboard, you can also see all your trades, both open and closed.


You need to have at least 0.01 BTC in your KeepChange wallet.

Offer Options


Choose the currency of your trade. For example, if you are trading Bitcoin with Euro, you have to choose EUR. Your offer will be listed along side of other offers with the same currency.

Payment Method

Enter the appropriate payment method for this offer. Payment method is very important for users, when they filter offers. This is the way that buyer pays the chosen currency.

Margin or Price Equation

Bitcoin price changes constantly. Updating the price of your offers is a very hard task. But you can make a dynamic price for your offers that will change based on the Bitcoin market price.

The easiest way to update your offer price is to enter a margin that you want above the Bitcoin market price. To do that, enter a percentage in the margin field.

When you need more control over the price, you can use the price equation field. It allows you to create an advanced pricing equation.

Min./Max. Transaction Limit

The minimum transaction limit sets the smallest amount of a trade.

The maximum transaction limit sets the biggest amount of a trade. Note that your actual wallet balance may override this value.

Terms of Trade

You can tell your own rules here, or give the instructions on how you want the trade to proceed. Users will see it before starting a trade. If, for example, you need to verify the identity of the users, or need any proof of payment, you can mention it here.