About KeepChange.io

KeepChange is an OTC Bitcoin marketplace. Users create offers for buying or selling Bitcoin with their local currencies. Trading is done on a person-to-person basis. Trades are secured with KeepChange online Bitcoin escrow.

We love Bitcoin. All are equal before Bitcoin, no matter what. No color, race, geographical location, political or religious viewpoint, or any other discrimination. Bitcoin separates governments from controlling money. We decided to create a platform for buying and selling Bitcoin that is very near to its philosophy. Currently, we only support and promote Bitcoin (BTC).

We value privacy and security. You will never need to send your personal information to us. Everyone should have the opportunity to enter the Bitcoin world. After all, Bitcoin is a borderless technology. Traders identify each other if they want or need. Traders determine the rules of each trade themselves.

We try to learn from our users and other competitors. We love your feedback. Just write us a line, we read all your feedback.

Why KeepChange?

Fast and Easy: No need to decide which cryptocurrency to buy or sell. It is just Bitcoin, offered by someone in a local currency.
Safe and Secure: We have implemented many best practices to secure our service. Examples include cold storage and even insurance for our online hot wallet.
Constant Improvement: We will update our platform based on your feedback.
Low Fees: Our fees don't create a barrier for entry and they are among the lowest fees in the industry.
Privacy: We value your privacy. We don't identify you.

Our Partners and Friends

Blockchair is a blockchain search and analytics engine. Every time you want to verify your transactions, we will send you to their service. This helps you verify your transactions using a third-party. They have the best user experience for exploring blockchain data. Moreover, they have one of the best privacy policies in the industry. So no one will know about your transactions and wallet balance. You will be in safe hands.