Buy Bitcoin with USD (US Dollar)

Seller Payment Method Price Limit
lbeer (6; 100%) RIA Money Transfer 30,918.00 USD 450 - 1,200 USD Buy
kilback.jean (2; 100%) National bank transfer: United States 31,191.00 USD 500 - 700 USD Buy
savion28 (3; 100%) Moneybookers / Skrill 31,465.00 USD 700 - 2,000 USD Buy
grant.guillermo (2; 100%) Western Union 31,465.00 USD 2,000 - 3,500 USD Buy
grant.guillermo (2; 100%) Payeer 31,739.00 USD 400 - 750 USD Buy

Sell Bitcoin with USD (US Dollar)

No offers for selling Bitcoin for US Dollar. If you are a Bitcoin buyer, make an offer and it will be displayed here.

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Keepchange has many features that makes it a good choice for a Bitcoin exchange market.

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Buy or sell directly to other people. It is a lot safer, more private and the risk of seizure of bank accounts are a lot less.

Escrow Protection

Seller's Bitcoin will remain in escrow to protect buyer.

No Hidden Fees

Fees are clear. You pay a fixed amount for depositing Bitcoin to your account or withdrawing from your account. The advertiser will also pay a small commission to us for displaying ads.

Secure and Private

Security is our first feature. The other first feature is privacy.

Secure Storage

Only 2% is online. That is also protected with security and industry best practices.

Privacy for Everyone

We don't require any form of identification. You are only trading with other people that you want to, based on the advertisement terms.

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We are constantly working to improve our users' experience in every aspect of this platform.

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